Is Oxygen the Right Builder For Me?

By Alec Gall on October 20, 2020
Updated on October 20, 2020

A lot of people like to say things like "Oxygen is the best", "Elementor is the best", etc. but it just isn't quite that simple. In my opinion, Oxygen is overall the most powerful builder, but that doesn't mean it's the best for you.

To decide whether Oxygen or a more conventional page builder is the right choice for you, we need to understand more about the strengths and weaknesses of Oxygen, and most importantly, we need to understand more about your background and what it is that you want out of a builder.

Oxygen Strengths and Weaknesses


  • The most freedom of any builder
    • Oxygen is designed to be as open-ended as possible to allow developer-minded individuals to make anything they want
    • You'll never feel limited by the way Oxygen works
  • Real HTML/CSS concepts like Divs, Classes, etc instead of made-up builder terminology
    • This makes it much more natural to understand for developers and designers used to writing code
    • It feels more like coding with a GUI than using a page builder
  • Far superior page file size and load times
    • Oxygen doesn't suffer from the usual divception and resource bloat issues that come with other builders in the market
  • The way Oxygen works with CSS classes and such is very conducive to good development practices such as using CSS utility class frameworks
    • This is something you simply cannot do effectively in any other builder
  • The current pricing model is an insanely good value compared to the other major builders on the market


  • You can't just throw a premade theme on the site and instantly have a decent site that just needs content like you can with stock WordPress and with other builders
    • Oxygen replaces the theme system entirely. This is great for people who want to build from scratch, but a problem for a novice who doesn't want to work through all of that
  • The real HTML/CSS concepts can be a bit tougher to understand for people who do not come from a development background and just want to throw a quick website together without coding anything
  • Oxygen has way less fancy features
    • Oxygen gives you the tools you need to make any feature you want but doesn't provide them out of the box. Casual builder users may not want to have to learn to implement these fancy features that you can get out of the box in other builders
  • Oxygen is much younger than it's major competition, and thus there are much fewer companion plugins released and guides written for it
    • That said, there are already a good few very awesome companion plugins for it and there is a very strong and helpful community on Facebook


Hopefully, you can see where I'm going with this. Oxygen is an amazing tool for users who are developer-minded or want to learn to design web pages in a way closer to coding from scratch. You will not get the freedom that you get with Oxygen anywhere else, but that comes at a major cost of features and functionality out of the box.

If you are purely design-minded and do not want to spend time learning basic to intermediate programming concepts you will likely find Oxygen difficult to use or lacking. If you are developer minded and are willing to put in the effort to write custom functionality when you need it, you will find Oxygen to be, in my opinion, the perfect midground between coding from scratch and using a builder.

What You Need From a Builder

Next, we need to better understand what it is exactly that you need from a page builder.

If you are an agency or a freelancer who plans to make many websites and you need to be able to make custom functionality depending on your clients' specifications, Oxygen might be a good play for you. If you are an individual making a site for yourself or your own business and you're just looking for a way to quickly throw a site together without knowledge of web development practices, Oxygen probably isn't for you.

Oxygen is by far best suited to people who need freedom from their builder and who are looking for something that feels more like a framework or even an IDE than a drag and drop page builder. People looking for a more conventional drag and drop, plug and play, website in 10 minutes experience are better off checking some of the other options out there.

So, Is Oxygen Right For Me?

Now that's up to you to decide. I can't tell you whether Oxygen is the right fit for you, but with the above information, you should have a decent understanding of what kind of people Oxygen makes sense for. If you're not one of those people, don't force it! There are other great options out there. I absolutely love Oxygen Builder, but the reality is it isn't for everyone and that's OK. The right builder for you comes down to who you are and what you need out of a builder.

If you think you could use a bit more information I recommend checking out my Oxygen Builder review as well!

Hopefully, I was able to give you some food for thought in making your decision. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask in the comments and I will be more than happy to answer them!

I don't have extensive experience with Elementor or Divi as neither of them really appealed to me, but I did use Beaver Builder for about two years and I had good experiences using it. If you decide that Oxygen isn't the route for you, I recommend checking out Beaver Builder!

Article written by Alec Gall
Web Developer / Designer aspiring to learn new things every day!

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